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Countee Cullen 3/6/10

As a lover of poetry, I plan to share poems from favorite poets of mine. It is dispiriting to go to most book stores now and see what passes for poetry sections. They have been eviscerated. Of course, it is not just poetry but as an inveterate book store browser, I have to note the poetry pickings are typically slim. Many poets I like are nowhere to be found.
On this website, to do my little bit, I intend to highlight wonderful poets and poems. I hope this inspires any readers to explore the works of these poets. I will begin by citing poets with a poem by Countee Cullen.
“Live like the wind,” he said, “unfettered,
    And love me while you can;
 And when you will, and can be bettered,
    Go to the better man.
“For you’ll grow weary, maybe, sleeping
    So long a time with me;
 Like this there’ll be no cause for weeping;
    The wind is always free.
“Go when you please,” he would be saying,
    His mouth hard on her own;
 That’s why she stayed and loved the staying,
    contented to the bone.

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